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How it works

1 Outsourced Bookkeeping Services
Tailored to your business

Our finance experts will get to know your business and understand exactly what you need.

Send us your receipts online

Simply snap pictures of your receipts and upload them or email them to us. We’ll process your receipts and calculate your business expenses.

3 Bookkeeping Services
Cloud accounting software

We use cloud-based accounting software QuickBooks, so you and your accountant can access your financial data any time.

Bookkeeping from boffix

Never lose a receipt again, bookkeeping for just £75 per month.

Bookkeeping services for busy small businesses

For just £75 a month we’ll process your expenses and take care of other day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. Your dedicated adviser is on-hand for accountancy support.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping involves recording and managing a company’s financial transactions, including expenses and reconciliation. Our bookkeeping services include receipt and invoice processing, managing your VAT, bank and credit card reconciliation, completing monthly cis300 returns, monthly management accounts and keeping your sales and purchase ledger up-to-date.

Bookkeeping help for small businesses

For small businesses without dedicated finance teams, bookkeeping can be time-consuming and tricky. Lost receipts can mean expenses you can’t deduct, while a missed HMRC deadline can result in steep fines. Small business bookkeeping from boffix takes care of your day-to-day accounting tasks, with an online system that’s accessible 24/7 and financial reports to help you make business decisions.

We’ll do your books

Not only will our skilled bookkeepers manage your receipts they can also complete your bank and credit card reconciliation, keep your sales and purchase ledger up-to-date, and remind you of HMRC deadlines.

Additional features that add value

boffix ready to support you

Any Questions?

What’s included in the bookkeeping service?

The service includes finance experts to manage your bookkeeping and VAT, plus accounting software. If you want us to complete your Self Assessment tax return or prepare your company accounts, we can do this for an extra charge.

How long is my contract for?

Our contracts work on a rolling basis, so we only need one month’s notice to end your subscription.

How secure is my data?

We use QuickBooks, the world’s number one accounting software, to store your data. All data is stored in accordance with our data retention policy.

Can my accountant have access?

You have full control of your data, and you can give anyone permission to access it.

How Does it work?

You simply take a photo of your receipt, mark what type of expense is it and send it to us, our computers & people do the rest

What else can you look after?

We offer a full suite of products to support your business needs including Accounts and Self Assessment

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